Thursday, November 09, 2006


7pm (prompt) on Friday 26 January 2007
At Cow Lane Studios, Cow Lane, Salford, M5 4NB

A live art event by Kevin Linnane & Adela Jones

An evening of demonstration, observation and interaction. An exploration of actions and process in a specially created installation. Visitors will take part in an evolving ritual through an invitation to observe and interact with set tasks.

The first 24 people to arrive were directed throughout the evening by a team of fourteen performers; 1, milklady, 2 nurses, 1 police lady, 1 sailor, 2 builders, 1 chef, 1 judge, 1 mechanic, Sherlock and Watson, Peeping Tom and Lady Gadiver... The audience obediently followed instructions, with laughter overcoming awkwardness. Uneasy, unexpected sounds and actions collided in what was described by one audience member as 'an assult on the senses'

Duration: 40 minutes

Photographs by Sam Jones 2007



7pm (prompt) Friday 24 November 2006
At Cow Lane Studios, Cow Lane, Salford M5 4NB

A performance by Andy Fear and Bex Melvin exploring the way gravity and space can be manipulated using film, dance and installation.

"We are privileged to witness the embryonic phase of ‘This Way Up’ an experimental evolving performance with ‘The Amorphic Theatre’ a collaboration of sound, film, dance and design" Following the Live Art WOC event, ‘This Way Up’ will move into it’s second phase of development with a residency based in the dance studios at The Lowry. A second performance will take place at Nexus in the Northern Quarter in Manchester on Friday 15th December 2006.

Photographs by Adela Jones 2006