Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Imaginative Eye and the Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra

8pm Saturday 15 September 2007
At Cow Lane Studios, Cow Lane, Salford, M5 4NB

The Imaginative Eye and the Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra joined together for a unique collaboration of performance art and live music. The performers’ ages range from 21 to 81 with a variety of different experiences and backgrounds.

The Imaginative Eye consists of three performers. Milena Yon describes herself as a ‘dance shamaness performance artist from Croatia’: Jane Whitaker is a performance lecturer and a visiting tutor in radical performance: Ken Turner, painter and performer, set up ‘Action Space’ in 1967 as a pioneer of live art outside the gallery system. They have been performing together when the occasion arises for the last 6 years. Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra is made up of experimental musicians. A sculptured bicycle is beaten and bowed alongside sheet metal, battered drums, hammering bass lines and howling wails; making up its sound.

The intention of this work was to look closer at a period of painting and thought from 1884 to 1930 in relation to the contrast in aesthetic between the ‘Rustic Naturalism’ of the Newlyn School of Painting in Cornwall and the rise of Impressionism in Paris and Brittany.

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Photographs by Adela Jones 2007


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