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A live art event by Adela Jones
2-3pm Saturday 7 July 2007
At High Gables, Moss Lane, Nr. Congleton, Cheshire

You are invited to join the ‘Jones Family Nature Watch Team’ and spend an afternoon in their purpose built hide. This is a one off opportunity for the public to visit this private observatory and have access to recently noted unusual behaviour of local wildlife.

Guided by rangers from ' The Jones Family Nature Watch Team' Visitors to this event witnessed a rare sighting of a Large Mole (graudimolus) from a purpose built hide in a private rural domestic garden in Brereton Heath, near Congleton. Upon instruction by one of the rangers, tokens each visitor had been given on arrival were exchanged for specially prepared ‘wildlife food’.

Four visitors were given passes for a close encounter with the unusual local wildlife. Another ranger helped them to get prepared and dress in giant worm costumes - this group of four were allowed into the habitat beyond the observatory through a worm hatch. They were instructed to put feeding bowls down in specially marked areas, they clanged on their tin bowls with spoons and then crouched and waited for the timid creature to arrive.

The mole measured up the garden and hammered a set of red pegs into the lawn. He then proceeded to twist white string between the pegs creating a network of sectioned off areas. Once this was done he brought in a shovel and a wheelbarrow mounded high with soil. He then neatly piled mounds of soil into each sectioned off area, shaping them carefully with his paws. Occasionally he took a taste of the wildlife food set out for him by the ‘close encounter’ visitors, then continued with his work. Finally he removed the pegs and string - tumbled a giant worm into his barrow and disappeared off down the garden.

During the event homemade cakes were served with tea and coffee and tickets for a Live Art WOC raffle were sold. About 40 visitors attended the event: A mix of local people and others who had travelled over from Manchester, Nottingham and Liverpool. After the mole had gone back into hiding visitors were invited to explore the garden recording any wildlife they discovered on the daily sightings board.

A big thank you to the JONES FAMILY NATURE WATCH TEAM!
Helen Jones, Ges Jones, Adrian Jones, Sian Jones, Dan Stykuc
Kevin Linnane & Peter Knowles

Photographs by Kevin Linnane 2007
With visitor photographs by Andrew Walker


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