Monday, August 11, 2008


Sunday 13 July 2008
Phillips Park, Manchester

A live art event by Adela Jones
In collaboration with Ravensbury Primary School and New East Manchester
Inside a small plastic greenhouse, something big ugly and slimy had been growing; almost completely taken over with no room for plants a glimpse of the mega slugs was enough to make visitors to the park shudder! Prompted into action by the Ravensbury Pest Controllers; and armed with high strength slug pellets - unsuspecting passers by took part in the destruction of the lettuce chomping, fast breeding giant slugs.

Tamed and friendly baby slugs were on site too for handling and helping the public understand the scale of the problem. This event was a real success thanks to the ultra enthusiastic team of Pest Controllers from Ravensbury Community Primary School, Beswick who worked incredibly hard with all the preparations for the event for Seeds of the East a special celebration of gardens in Phillips Park, Beswick.

Adela Jones, Will Pollard, Ammie, Matthew, Matthew and Nancy
Photographs by Adela Jones


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