Monday, April 02, 2007


A live art event by Kevin Linnane
7pm (prompt) On Friday 18 May 2007
At ‘The Fridge’ - Cow Lane Studios, Cow Lane, Salford, M5 4NB

Place your bets on the results of a series of competitive heats; Fantasy and reality collide in this intriguing event. Beauty and the beast slug it out at Live Art WOC... Once upon a time lives happily ever after.

In a room filled with the smell of fresh sawdust and cider, a ring of straw surrounded a small wooden table and two chairs. A woman sat perched on a tall stool playing folk tunes on her fiddle. Guests were welcomed into the space and sent to fill their mugs at the bar by a ring master wearing a black top hat and huge red boots.

At 7.15pm guests were invited by the ring master to move in closer; he proceeded to read the format of the evening: A contest of will, intreague, wit, cunning, underhandedness, endurance and extreme danger...the event consisted of five rounds between two contestants RED and BLUE at the end of which the audience decided the winner. The two contestants entered, each with 'a second' carrying a bucket full of insults and pampering tools to keep their contestant going.

Each bout was introduced by the ring master following the ring of a bell by 'the time keeper'. "Seconds out Round...1,2,3,4 and 5" Jeers, cheers, laughter, frustration and elation from the onlookers followed the action.

Photographs by Dave Bennett 2007


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