Monday, May 22, 2006


7pm (prompt) on Friday 21 July 2006

At Cow Lane Studios, Cow Lane, Salford, M5 4NB
A live art event by Adela Jones

Congestion is the first in a series of 'one-off' performances hosted by Live Art WOC currently at taking place in a large gallery space at Cow Lane Studio's in Salford. Artist Adela Jones invites visitors to engage with a series of specially created actions and tasks. Guided by a team of professionals: from traffic wardens and timekeepers to tea ladies: uninhibited creativity will be encouraged.

On arrival at this event guests were held in a waiting area by two traffic wardens, the intense heat of the day added to the frustration this act. At a vehicle registration desk the first 20 visitors were allocated keys to a brand new vehicle after signing ownership forms.

The keys corresponded to number plates on a set of giant cardboard boxes arranged in 'the carpark' the central installation where the action was to take place. The visitors first instruction was to climb inside the box that matched the number on their keyring. The tasks and interactions of the evening were designed to give adults the opportunity to play, consider and reflect upon behaviour.

Photographs by Lee Machell 2006

Adela Jones on Axis

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